Microsoft Word 2016 – Tutorial for Beginners – How To Use Microsoft Office 2016

About this tutorial:

Video duration: 00:17:55
I cover All The Basic Interface Introduction of Microsoft Word 2016. This tutorial can be used for Office 365 and earlier versions of the program. In this tutorial I show you
1. How to Download Microsoft Office 2016 Setup

2. How to Install MS Word 2016 Setup
3. How to Open MS Word 2016 Application (CTRL + O)
4. How to Create New File (CTRL + N)
5. How to Write Text
6. How to Copy, Cut and Paste Text
a. Copy (CTRL + C)
b. Cut (CTRL + X)
c. Paste(CTRL + V)
7. How to Change Font Family
8. How to Set Font Size
9. How to Increase Font Size
10. How to Decrease Font…

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