Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks 2020 (Time codes included description section)

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Video duration: 00:09:11
Short video on tips and tricks on Microsoft word that makes your life easy and productive.
Time Codes
00:00 – Intro
00:07 – Paste Without Formatting
00:48 – Clear Formatting
1:31 – Highlight an Area of Text Quickly
1:57 – Quickly Replace Multiple Mistakes
3:24 – Delete Words With One Key Press
4:01 – Use ‘ Tell Me What You Want to Do’
4:35 – Change the Page Colour for Easy Viewing
5:20 – Quickly Lookup a word
6:02 – Disable Spelling and Grammar Check
6:43 – Create Your Own AutoCorrect Settings
7:54 – Quickly insert links in to a document
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