MS Excel Tricks | 1 Excel Tutorial 5 Awesome Tricks

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In this excel tutorial, you will learn 5 excel tricks. These MS EXCEL tricks will help you to save your time in excel work. It will also help you in Excel data entry.

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1 thought on “MS Excel Tricks | 1 Excel Tutorial 5 Awesome Tricks

    Anthony Waite

    (November 7, 2019 - 10:47 pm)

    These will come in handy, thank you…i have a question and have been searching without success. I have created a monthly timesheet different to all others as i get paid on the 21st of the month (my timesheet runs from 21st to 20th of the following month) so i have the month showing using =TEXT(A6,"mmm yyyy") but that will only show 1 month EG: Nov2019 but i would like it to show Nov2019/Dec2019 can you help with this?

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