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Search Administration
Manage Search Schema
Create and modify search properties so that users can query these properties.
Manage Search Dictionaries
Create and modify lists of terms which will be used to improve the search experience for your users.
Manage Authoritative Pages
Identify high-quality pages that search will use to improve relevance, as well as low-quality pages that search will consider less relevant.
Query Suggestion Settings
Show search suggestions as users type in the search box (if not disabled by user).
Manage Result Sources
Create and modify sources you can query for results. This includes filtered results from SharePoint as well as results from remote sources such as Bing.
Manage Query Rules
Create and modify query rules to promote important results, show blocks of additional results, and even fine-tune ranking.
Manage Query Client Types
Create and modify configuration of query client types which are used to identify querying clients so as to prioritize query throttling.
Remove Search Results
List URLs you would like to remove from search results until the next crawl.
View Usage Reports
See how often your users search, what their top queries are, and which queries they’re having trouble getting answers for.
Search Center Settings
Tell us where searches should go by specifying the location of your Search Center.
Export Search Configuration
Create a file that includes all customized query rules, result sources, result types, ranking models and site search settings but not any that shipped with SharePoint, in the current tenant, that can be imported to other tenants.
Import Search Configuration
Import a search configuration file.
Crawl Log Permissions
Grant users read access to crawl log information for this tenant

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