Sway beats Powerpoint for these 4 reasons (Microsoft Office 365).

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This is a follow up to our previous Sway video:
DEMO: Awesome presentations in 10 mins with Sway (Microsoft Office 365)

Thanks to everyone who commented on that and prompted me to make this video.


Back in December 2016 I threw together a quick video showing how quickly you could put a cool looking presentation together using Microsoft Sway and suggesting that because of this Sway was actually better than Powerpoint for sales presentations.

Since then the video has had nearly 50,000 views and has sparked a few conversations in the comments of the merits of Powerpoint over Sway and vice versa, so I thought it was time to do a follow up video to bring a bit of clarity to where, specifically, I think Sway is better than Powerpoint.

So here are my Top 4 reasons Sway is better than Powerpoint.

1. Sway is built for browsers

Sway is built for browsers in order to display on any browser on any device. No one has to have the latest Powerpoint app in the latest version, with the right fonts, to view your presentation correctly.

Sway templates are also built to be fully responsive, so the layout changes according to the size and shape of the screen it is being viewed on, so your customers can view it on smartphones, tablets or laptops and get an equally clear presentation.

I don’t think the same can be said of Powerpoint, even when viewed via Powerpoint Online.

2. Avoid presentation horror shows.

Once you’ve designed your fab presentation in Powerpoint you’ll want to present it in Powerpoint to preserve your cool transitions, make sure the company font shows correctly etc…

However, what happens when you get into the meeting and company IT policy means you have to present from a dedicated PC attached to the projector? Will your fonts work?

Will your embedded video be blocked by the firewall?

Will they have the latest version of Powerpoint you need for the animations you’ve selected?

And even if you are allowed to use your own laptop, nothing puts the brakes on a great meeting like spending 10 minutes fiddling with the projector.

Yes, all of these things have happened to me, and it’s excrutiating. And in the vast majority of cases all these issues could be sidestepped by just opening up your Sway from the web link.

3. Live edit and analytics

Another thing that’s happened to me is being sat in a meeting whilst a colleague presents and noticing that one of their key facts is wrong, and knowing the Powerpoint file had already been distributed.

With Sway I could have altered the document there and then, or even added extra notes based on what was agreed in the meeting which all attendees could then refer back to.

Not only this, but Sway analytics will show you how many times your presentation has been viewed, the average time spent viewing it and whether your audience glanced at it, quick read or deep read it – invaluable data for your next sales call.

4. It’s easier to look better

There are plenty of Powerpoint masters out there who can bend it to their every whim, but for us mere mortals I just think you get your presentations looking better quicker with Sway.

For example, look at the in built templates. These Sway templates offer you a title with image, sections with headers, oven-ready transitions and tips on how to structure your presentation. By comparison these Powerpoint templates are just, well, a bit simple and old fashioned.

And if you don’t want to move to Sway because you already have a load of Powerpoints you still need, well, you can upload them straight into Sway!

So they are my 4 main reasons for preferring Sway over Powerpoint, and clearly you can see this is from my own perspective as a marketer, and I’m by no means a Powerpoint master. If you think it’s just as easy to do these things in Powerpoint, please let me know if the comments.

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