Lecture 2 | Motivation of Resampling | Machine Learning Resampling Methods by Dr. Ahmad Bazzi

About this tutorial: Video duration: 1:14:18 Lecture 2 of this course entitled “Machine Learning Resampling Methods” will serve as a transition from the review of statistics we did in Lecture 1 to the world of resampling, bootstrapping and Monte Carlo. Along the way, we shall demonstrate some important examples on R studio. The outline is […]

How do we Democratize Access to Data?

About this tutorial: Video duration: 10:42 OpenMined is a community focused on building technology for decentralized ownership of data and AI. Data scientists can pay users directly for their data and train AI models in a decentralized way. We’ll cover deep learning, federated learning, homomorphic encryption, and blockchain smart contracts! Code for this video: Please […]

AWS Deep Learning setup

About this tutorial: Video duration: 13:12 Important: once you complete the script your AWS instance will be running, at $0.90/hour, so be sure to shut it down before you finish the session! NB: Please be sure to read http://course.fast.ai/lessons/aws.html before watching this video, and the ‘getting started’ section there as well. Since youtube is removing […]