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Microsoft Excel Tutorial – Beginners Level 2

About this tutorial: Video duration: 22:11 This video tutorial will show you how to use Microsoft Excel for beginners level 2. Click here to go to level 1 for beginners Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet tool that is part of Microsoft Office. This is a detailed beginners tutorial, the below timestamps will help you […]

How to use FIND Function in Excel – Excel Tutorial

About this tutorial: Video duration: 3: This video explains How to use FIND Function in Excel. The Excel FIND function returns the position (as a number) of one text string inside another. When the text is not found, FIND returns a #VALUE error. The FIND Function in Excel can be used at many places. This […]

Microsoft Excel 2016 Tutorial | Become an expert in MS Excel

About this tutorial: Video duration: 46:5 In Excel, create workbooks, use formulas, insert PivotTables, and visualize data in charts 1.Create An Excel Workbook 2.Work With Your Data 3.Use Excel Functions 4.Build Charts And tables 5.Store Security to One Drive 6.Store And Collaborate

Learn Excel basics- How to lock cells in excel

About this tutorial: Video duration: 4:38 so you want to lock a cell in excel 2007 and same can be done with the same method in excel 2013 first of all first you need to unprotect the whole sheet by selecting the sheet and then right click format and then from the un protection tab […]