Mail Merge in Word | Mail Merge in Excel

About this tutorial: Video duration: 5:34 Download this Mail merge file here: In this tutorial, we learn about the mail merge in Word and mail merge in excel. Mail merge helps you to automate your work. It makes your work more easier and convenient rather than copying pasting the work which might take ages to […]

Mail Merge in word 2016 speak khmer

About this tutorial: Video duration: 11:42 ក្នុងមេរៀនមានគោលបំណងណែនាំលោកអ្នកអោយចេះប្រើប្រាស់ Tool Mail Merge ដែលមានសារៈសំខាន់ក្នុងការកិច្ចការផែ្នករដ្ឋបាល និង កិច្ចការអ្វីផេ្សងជាច្រើនទៀតៗៗៗ សូមបងប្អូនជួយគ្រាំទ្រChannel នេះផង។ គោលបំណងក្នុងChannel…

Text Formatting |MS office in hindi |MS word in hindi |how to do work in ms office 2016

About this tutorial: Video duration: 8:49 subscribe link Please subscribe and share and like my channel and click on the bell icon below #kvm #msword #msexcel #worldformatting #computerbasics #computertheory In this video i have tried to show you how to do different options in MS Office to make our work more clear and beautiful . […]