Office 365 de Entel Empresas

About this tutorial: Video duration: 2:26 Conoce cómo puedes aumentar tu productividad fuera de tu oficina de forma fácil y sencilla. Aprende más en:

How to create new user in Office 365 tenant

About this tutorial: Video duration: 3:42 This is a short video that demonstrates how new user can be created in Office 365 tenant. It could help users that just started with new Office 365 subscription. Adding new user requires tenant administration permissions so if you cannot access the screens from the video, you might not […]

Open DropBox files in Office for iPad

About this tutorial: Video duration: 1:11 Watch this video to learn how to open DropBox files in Office for iPad. Key points in this video Tap Open, Add a place, and then make sure to sign in with the email address and password you use for DropBox. It may be different than your Microsoft account […]

Tworzenie aliasow poczty w usludze Office 365

About this tutorial: Video duration: 2:46 Tworzenie aliasów poczty w usłudze Office 365. Aliasy poczty to dodatkowe adresy e-mail, dzięki którym możesz tworzyć dodatkowe adresy e-mail dla istniejących użytkowników, lub dodawać adresy, które kierują wiadomości do kilku osób. Z tego filmu dowiesz się, jak tworzyć tego typu aliasy. Aby uruchomić subskrypcję Office 365 zarejestruj się […]

Quickly Restore Deleted Items in OneNote

About this tutorial: Video duration: 3:23 Sometimes notes get deleted, and sometimes you need to find them again. OneNote works a little differently than most other apps when it comes to deleting and recovering items. Sometimes you can Undo, and sometimes you have to go sifting through the Recycle Bin. But it’s not the same […]

#1/3 Upload / Freigabe / Download von Dateien in der Microsoft Office 365 – Home – Startansicht

About this tutorial: Video duration: 8:58 In diesem 1. von 3. Videos der Playlist “Office 365 – OneDrive” zeige ich Einsteiger/innen in Office 365 wir man in der Home- bzw. Startansicht Dateien heraufladen, herunterladen und für andere freigeben kann. Weitere Themen sind der Import von Grafiken aus Pixabay, Erstellen und Bearbeiten von Dateien in Powerpoint […]

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac os Catalina

About this tutorial: Video duration: 9:43 Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac os Catalina вот ссылка: Я помогаю вам без лишних усилий:⤵ Установить программы на iMac MacBook Почистить и удалить лишний мусор Экономлю ваше время и нервы Весь процесс занимает до 30 минут ⏰ #График #работы 24/7 📩 +7 (927) 762-96-39 Описание к видео ⤵ […]

Video-Tutorial: Fokussieren statt Multittasking mit InLoox für Outlook

About this tutorial: Video duration: 22:58 Im Video erfahren Sie wie Sie mit InLoox fokussiert arbeiten und so Ihre Produktivität erhöhen. Jetzt kostenlos & unverbindlich testen: InLoox Online-Hilfe:

70.登入Office 365、Power BI 是O365的APP(用Power BI做大數據分析進階)

About this tutorial: Video duration: 4:44 登入Office 365、Power BI 是O365的APP 面對日新月異的大數據工具,有時候很難跟上這節奏。Microsoft Power BI讓大家可以簡易的製作大數據分析。用 Excel Power BI 做大數據分析,課程大綱有認識大數據、大數據分析、視覺化呈現結果,提升管理品質,有效提升工作效率。另外;大數據分析還應該包含許多學習到的知識,回饋給資料,再重新計算,不是僅畫出視覺化圖後,就說做好了大數據分析。期待大家將了解應用這些工具使用,將大數據分析導入您的工作中。 孫在陽老師主講, 範例、講義下載:

What's New with Microsoft 365 | November 2019

About this tutorial: Video duration: 9:22 From Sheet View in Excel to the new Microsoft Endpoint Manager, discover what’s new with Microsoft 365 in November. Learn more about what’s new in November 2019: 0:17 Sheet View in Excel 1:09 Dark Mode in OneNote 2016 2:13 Windows 10 November 2019 update 2:52 Cloud App Security and […]

Introducing the Office 365 app launcher

About this tutorial: Video duration: 56 The app launcher provides a single point of access to all services available to a user via the persistent app launcher icon in the top left corner of the Office 365 navigation bar. Customers will have the ability to personalize the app launcher, pinning and un-pinning applications within the […]

Modeling and Forecasting Using Modern Excel – Liam Bastick

About this tutorial: Video duration: 59:39 On 13 November 2019, Liam Bastick presented a webinar with Microsoft on Modelling and Forecasting using Modern Excel.

Get Answers with Power BI for Office 365

About this tutorial: Video duration: 1:5 Web: | E-mail: | Phone: (888) 381-9725 * SharePoint Server 2013, Office 365, Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SharePoint Server 2010 & SharePoint 2007: Review, Architecture Development, Planning, Configuration & Implementations, Upgrades, Global Initiatives, Training, and Post Go-live Support with Extensive Knowledge Transfer | Custom Branding […]

What is Drop Cap in MS Word | How to Create a Drop Cap Easily

About this tutorial: Video duration: 2:29 If you want to know what is drop cap in MS Word, you have come to the right place. A drop cap is the first letter of a paragraph that is dropped two or more lines into the paragraph. This video gives you step-by-step instructions, illustrated with screenshots and […]

Skype Meeting Broadcast Interactivity

About this tutorial: Video duration: 13:44 This morning a colleague brought me a question via email that asked the following: “Do you have any news on when Skype Broadcast may provide the capability (or maybe it already does and we’re not seeing something?) to allows people to dial-in instead of using audio through a computer?” […]

#9 | Como usar o Microsoft Outlook 2016 Gratuito – Outros Recursos de Tarefas

About this tutorial: Video duration: 12: Neste 9º vídeo vamos aprender sobre mais alguns recurso das tarefas e como podemos gerenciar as tarefas criadas pelo painel de tarefas. É através do painel de tarefas que conseguimos visualizar todas as tarefas criadas e podemos dar um status, adicionar um % de conclusão, enfim várias possibilidades que […]