Chasing tigers with the Amstrad PC | recreating my teen PC1512!

About this tutorial: Video duration: 24:37 On this week’s menu come with me on a personal yet educational journey chasing tigers into the world of my dad’s Amstrad PC1512, made possible by the patrons & our friendly sponsor offering $10 PCBs for Christmas with code CHRISTMAS10! ┄┄ BECOME A SUPPORTER ┄┄ 🙏 Patreon: 🙏 PayPal/YouTube: […]

Clippy Microsoft Office Assistant paperclip Word 97 animated help characters Windows 98 ME 2000

About this tutorial: Video duration: 4:16 @#! Please subscribe to support my channel! @#! @#! Every subscriber helps! @#! Clippy (or clippit, karl klammer) the Microsoft Office Assistant for Word 97. Annoying animated help character animations and additional available characters in all their glory on an IBM Thinkpad 90’s laptop running Windows Millenium Edition.