The top 5 Excel tips you should know before printing an excel sheet | Secret in Tamil – Part 1

About this tutorial: Video duration: 12:6 These tips help you when you face issues while printing an excel sheet. Here you will learn the followings: ~ Best way to print excel sheet ~ Best way to print large excel sheet or table ~ Excel print fit to page ~ Check list before printing an excel […]

Excel VBA Macro Basic for Beginners | How to Select a Cell or Range Using Simple VBA Coding

About this tutorial: Video duration: 29:56 Excel is an Ocean. There are many interesting and useful stuffs are in excel, this is one of them. VBA Macro is one of the immersive / advanced features in excel which we are going to learn. So, learning Excel VBA Macro can help the users to automate their […]

Create Pivot Table by Consolidating Excel Worksheets or Tabs Using Power Query – Part 2 – Tamil

About this tutorial: Video duration: 19:8 Power Query Part 2 The feature Power Query is an excellent one to use all the potentials of Excel application. Using this Power Query, we can combine or consolidate multiple Excel tabs / sheets as a single report in a short span of time. We can do database automation […]