Creating Queries to Search for Data

About this tutorial: Video duration: 8:4 This tutorial demonstrates how to create a query to search for specific data For more information on this topic as well as other JD Edwards topics, visit

What is SAP? Why do we need ERP? Beginner Tutorial

About this tutorial: Video duration: 8:5 This tutorial introduces the need for an ERP System with the help of a scenario. This course compares de-centralized information systems with centralized information systems also known as ERP. SAP is the most popular and widely implemented ERP system. This video course is beginner friendly! Click on the time […]

Customize Entity Views, Charts and Business Rules in Dynamics CRM 2016 | Magnifez IT Training

About this tutorial: Video duration: 41:40 ‘Magnifez Technologies, is an authorized Microsoft and Zoho partner, delivering CRM and ERP Implementation services. We help clients to understand their CRM and ERP requirement, and implement the best software system to boost their business. Have offices in Toronto, Bangalore and Calicut. Services: Dynamics 365/CRM Consulting end to end […]

SAP Export to Excel

About this tutorial: Video duration: 2:5 Automatically burst and distribute SAP generated reports in Excel format without ABAP intervention. E-Deliver Excel attachments to end users quickly, allowing them to work with data in a familiar format.

Electronic invoices | automated processing of email invoices in SAP

About this tutorial: Video duration: 5: Do you know that you can very easy process invoices that come in via email or pdf attachment? Find out how it works in this video! Electronic incoming invoices (email, PDF) via drag&drop. This is a very easy way: drag the PDF invoice and drop it to our biz²ScanServer […]

Deckblatt Personalakte: Dokumentenerfassung im Stapel 3/5

About this tutorial: Video duration: 3:57 Dokumente in die Personalakte via Deckblatt bekommen. Das Deckblatt-Personalakte-Verfahren ist eine sehr komfortable und sichere Methode. Das Deckblatt ist ein Barcode-Vorblatt-Druck aus der Personalakte. Das Deckblatt kann elektronisch erstellt werden oder ausgedruckt. Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen zu unseren Software-Lösungen zum Thema Personalakte: _____________________________ Wenn Ihnen dieses Video-Tutorial gefallen […]

Digitale Posteingangskörbe für die Personalakte in SAP 1/3

About this tutorial: Video duration: 12:17 Die digitalen Posteingangskörbe wurden von inPuncto und IT2 wurden entwickelt, um den Posteingang von Personal-Dokumenten zu strukturieren, damit Sie sich voll und ganz auf die Bearbeitung der verschiedenen Dokumente konzentrieren können. Wie funktionieren die digitalen Posteingangskörbe von inPuncto und IT2? Nachdem Sie im SAP-System eine entsprechende Personalakte aufgerufen haben, […]

SAP Dokumente durch Barcode erfassen 2/2

About this tutorial: Video duration: 5:38 Wie funktioniert die Barcodeerfassung mit unseren Lösungen für Ihr SAP-System? Im zweiten Webinar-Ausschnitt erfahren Sie, wie die Dokumentenerfassung mit der SAP-Scan-Software funktioniert! Wählen Sie in der SAP-Scan-Software biz²Scanner das Szenario „Spätes Archivieren“ aus und legen Sie den ganzen Stapel mit Dokumenten auf den Scanner. Für eine optimale Barcodeerfassung der […]

Sistema de gestión de contratos – by Colonia Company

About this tutorial: Video duration: 3:24 La gestión ineficiente de los contratos es uno de los motivos de la pérdida de valor para muchas empresas. Casi el 40 por ciento de los contratos no brindan todos los beneficios financieros esperados (IACCM) , y las deficiencias cuestan en promedio casi el 10 por ciento de los […]

Using Tables, Views and Stored Procedures

About this tutorial: Video duration: 16:58 In this week’s Web Chat, we are continuing our Crystal Reports series for SAP Business One so you can build and deliver compelling reports that provide crucial insights into all parts of your business. View this webinar as we show you how to use tables, views and stored procedures […]


About this tutorial: Video duration: 1:33 Mit dem brandneuen Addon BusinessMail4SAP+ verbinden Sie E-Mail und SAP perfekt. Was das bringt? Immense Zeitersparnis für jeden SAP-Anwender! Sehen Sie selbst. ► Mehr Infos auf: E-Mail ist heute der meistgenutzte Kommunikationsweg. Täglich erhalten Mitarbeiter in allen Unternehmensbereichen viele Anfragen per E-Mail. Ob zu Aufträgen, Lieferscheinen, Rechnungen, Reklamationen etc. […]

Business Mail 4SAP®: SAP Outlook Integration – SAP Email

About this tutorial: Video duration: 2:17 Sie suchen nach SAP E-Mail? Kennen Sie Business Mail 4SAP®? Das kleine Addon verbindet Ihr SAP und Ihre Mailbox perfekt! Erfahren Sie mehr in diesem Video und auf ► Beeindruckend: Sparen Sie bis zu 2 Stunden Zeit pro Tag mit der Integration von SAP und Email. Wie viele Emails […]

SAP Business One 9.1 User Interface Editor

About this tutorial: Video duration: 5:11 SAP Business One 9.1 UI (User Interface) Editor – change SAP Business One master data forms – add fields, change field positions, add user defined fields to master data and more. SAP Business One 9.1 enhancement. About Leverage Technologies We’ve been a SAP Business One partner since 2005 & […]

SAP GUI Scripting – Order Creation from Excel

About this tutorial: Video duration: 20:49 This video provides and example of creating and order in VA01 from data stored in Excel. This is only a simple process to get the most important field of order populated, you most certainly need to enhance it to your needs. GUI scripting allows external applications like MS Excel […]

How to download Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 + Visio Pro + Project Pro 16.0.4717.1000

About this tutorial: Video duration: 6:24 Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 + Visio Pro + Project Pro 16.0.4717.1000. Please enjoy with our videos. The more are here:

Convert/Reformat Your SAP Report to Excel in Less 9 minutes

About this tutorial: Video duration: 8:20 Concepts Covered in this Video: -The process of creating the template for this kind of report took less than 9 minutes. Applying it to other reports of the same kind and getting the resulting Excel file takes only seconds. -Use of Certified Connectors used against multiple systems -Creation of […]

SAP Business Objects – Using publications

About this tutorial: Video duration: 11:5 A short tutorial showing how to setup publications in SAP Business Objects Infoview portal. contact: Incoming search terms:business objects publications

CRM for Outlook – Server Install (Step 1)

About this tutorial: Video duration: 3:43 Please follow the steps in this video to install the server part of the CRM for Outlook. After that please follow the steps in our video for the client installation (Step 2).

SAP HANA with Microsoft Power BI

About this tutorial: Video duration: 8:23 The SAP HANA connector is now available, allowing you to author reports in Power BI Desktop with a direct connection to SAP HANA. You can also publish these reports to the Power BI service to share and collaborate with others. Learn more at Incoming search terms:power bi and sap […]

Dynamics CRM documents in SharePoint showcase – Business units hierarchy

About this tutorial: Video duration: 50 CB Replicator from Connecting Software is a tool that fixes permissions of Dynamics CRM documents stored in SharePoint. Video explains only partial funcionality of the software. For more information visit: Or contact us at: