Productivity Tools Course (3): Note Taking and Journaling

About this tutorial: Video duration: 18:14 Grabbing information and tasks is the first step to be more productive. Doing them with your brain is the path to overload and stress. But WRITING them down, is the path to PRODUCTIVITY. In this lecture, we’ll cover the first productivity toolkit in our course, which is the Journaling […]

You CAN Use Email to Manage Tasks

About this tutorial: Video duration: 8:2 ▶ Check out my gear on Kit: Have you ever struggled with the friction between your email app and your to do list app? Has it been a pain point to an even higher degree when you’re working with teammates? I’ve tried plenty of email apps to bridge the […]

Manage your family schedule in Outlook

About this tutorial: Video duration: 1:3 When it seems like your family is going a hundred different directions at once, get everyone on the same page with a share calendar in Outlook. See all your holiday commitments in one place so everyone knows what’s going on. Make sure you block out time fo relaxing together, […]

9 Tips to Organize an Effective Meeting

About this tutorial: Video duration: 8:36 This video shows 9 Tips to organize an effective meeting that will help you to organize effective as well as productive meeting in your organization. Tip#1 Prepare Good Agenda Tip#2 Circulate the Notice in Time Tip#3 Prepare a Checklist Tip#4 Prepare a Working Paper of the Meeting Tip#5 Prepare a […]

Outlook training: Outlook vandaag instellen (Outlook 2016)

About this tutorial: Video duration: 3:23 Hoe kun je uutlook vandaag optimaal instellen.

Tips for Managing Email by Francesco D'Alessio

About this tutorial: Video duration: 6:26 Learn how to manage your email, and get to Inbox Zero with Productivity Expert Francesco D’Alessio. —- Check out our blog at —- Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Check us out on Twitter: Check us out on Facebook: And don’t forget on LinkedIn too:

Google Calendar Tutorial 2019 – Quick Start Training

About this tutorial: Video duration: 19:22 How to use Google Calendar including how to create events, invite guests, manage multiple calendars and share calendars using the 2019 Google Calendar user interface. Great for Google Calendar beginner and intermediate users. Additional G Suite Tutorials: Gmail Tutorial 2019: Google Drive / Docs / Sheets Tutorial 2019: Google […]

My Todoist Workflow – July 2019

About this tutorial: Video duration: 14:14 Today, we explore my Todoist workflow for July 2019. This will tour my today, next 7 days, filter use and current labels in Todoist. Join the Todoist Made Simple Course, over 700 members: SPONSOR FOR JULY 2019 🎯 is July 2019’s sponsor on Keep Productive. is a […]

How to Calendar Block Your Week

About this tutorial: Video duration: 14:38 One of the best ways to getting organized is using your calendar to block out time for events, tasks and your activities. Today’s feature will help you to get started with calendar blocking, a full guide on how to calendar block effectively with a useful article too. You can […]

Outlook 2010 – Tips for Using the To-Do Bar

Slideshow and presenter notes are available for purchase! For more info, follow this link to our website This learning module is one in a series of learning modules for Microsoft Office 2010; and has been extracted from one of our recent live webinars. Please feel free to use the comments below to […]

Speaker on Productivity, Laura Stack – The Productivity Pro

Invite Laura to Speak: Laura Stack, MBA, CSP, has consulted with Fortune 500 corporations for over 20 years in the field of employee productivity. She advises leaders, teams, and professionals on developing high-performance cultures and creating Maximum Results in Minimum Time®. She is the president of The Productivity Pro®, Inc., which specializes in productivity […]

Tutorial Administrativos Onenote

About this tutorial: Video duration: 3:11

Effective Email Management Made Easy: 4 Communication Quadrants (Email Management Guide)

About this tutorial: Video duration: 4:38 In this quick tutorial you are going to learn how to use the 4 communication quadrants to cut your inbox time in half and eventually join the clean inbox club. A typical day in the office starts with checking your emails. But what if you have tons of emails […]

Todoist Premium for $39?!

About this tutorial: Video duration: 3:28 Todoist Premium could be updating their price. $39 price could be the new yearly price for Todoist Premium and Business. The change from $29 per year is an addition of $10 but it does reflect some of the latest changes they’ve been making. Todoist have partially confirmed. I’d love […]

Trello Planning tool: Planyway Calendar ⚡

About this tutorial: Video duration: 11:1 Planyway Calendar brings a new fire for Trello users. Trello’s leading power-up and Chrome extension allows you to organise your activities using a built-in calendar. An easy way to add dude dates, start and end times all within Trello for Web. Here’s my full review of Planaway Calendar for […]


About this tutorial: Video duration: 14:52 Every single app I use on my MacBook Pro 2018. From Things 3 to ForkLift, and everything in between. All of the apps are listed below! Massive thank you to Setapp for sponsoring this week on the Keep Productive YouTube channel. See the full Setapp review below! SPONSOR: ▶ […]

How to use shortcut keys Organizing Video #17 Your Organized Guide Video 2 of 3 – Shortcut Keys help speed up your word processing work, lessen the strain of using the mouse, and make you more efficient. Try them out! NOTE: Mattson Business Services is now doing business as Your Organized Guide.

Getting to Inbox Zero ?

About this tutorial: Video duration: 12:31 Email can get pretty horrible. Let’s explore Inbox Zero and how to approach your email inbox. Twice a day, I clear my inbox to zero. Using a combination of folders and snooze, I clear my inbox to help set up my inbox for the day ahead. Inbox Zero is […]

My Full Productivity Workflow inc. Notion + Todoist + Calendars 5 & more.

About this tutorial: Video duration: 22:41 With a range of personal productivity apps, here are all of the ones I use, day-to-day to get things done. Many of you have asked me for this video in email and in the comments. Sometimes trying to comprehend exactly how I’m using the likes of Evernote, Notion, Todoisit […]