MS Visio Tutorial – Lesson 32 – Working with Layers

About this tutorial: Video duration: 3:3 In this tutorial, we will be discussing about Working with Layers in MS Visio. #visio #msvisio #visio2016 Learn the basics of using MS Visio, including how to work with Shapes, Connectors, Managing Diagrams and Exporting Diagrams in different formats. This lesson has been made using MS Visio 2016 but […]

Working with Layers in Visio 2016

About this tutorial: Video duration: 3:19 Check out the full course at Working with layers in Visio 2016 gives you more control over your design. With layers you can group your different objects into each layer. Showing layer one with layer five might give you a different look at the information you are presenting. Printing […]