Thotakashtakam| தோடகாஷ்டகம்| Thotakacharya|Kamala Subramanian

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Thotakashtakam/ தோடகாஷ்டகம்
disciple of Adi Sankara

Presented by
Kamala Subramanian & S.Subramanian
“Daily Tips & Tricks”

Voice: Kamala Subramanian & Subramanian S

A hymn of eight verses by Thotakacharya, disciple of Adi Sankara.
Adi Sankara’s disciple Giri was a hard-working and loyal disciple of his guru, though he did not appear bright to the other disciples. Adi Sankara wanted to reward Giri for his loyalty and devotion. He mentally granted Giri the complete knowledge of all the sastras.
The enlightened Giri composed…

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