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In today’s video I will show you how to install power bi desktop so you get automatic downloads every time the power Bi team releases a new version.

The great thing about this is that you dont need to have administrator rights on your computer to get the download. Great if you are a big company right?

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10 thoughts on “Update Power BI Desktop automatically

    Frank Govers

    (September 15, 2019 - 12:32 am)

    Hi Ruth, I am sorry, but this is not the complete story.
    Microsoft should alter this installment procedure, because there are a lot of flaws !!

    1. When you install from the windows store.
    a. You need to have windows 10, so If you have windows 7. This is indeed not possible.
    b. The installation controls which version of windows is on your PC (32 bit or 64 )
    i. It does not check the office version !!
    ii. So , If there is windows 64 version, the 64 version of PowerBI will be installed !!
    iii. When I train PowerBI, I always install the version 32 or 64 based on the installed office version
    1. Or else some drivers for TXT or ACCDB DO NOT WORK !!
    c. There is no exe file which you can save. You only can start the program
    d. When you are not logged in to PowerBI
    i. you will get a form in which you first have to fill in a lot of personal information, like JOB and telephone number (THIS IS MANDATORY) and normally cannot be clicked away ( when you restart the form comes Back again !!)
    ii. When you have an account, you can use this, but then you can cancel the login !! (and the screen disappears)
    e. I did NOT delete the old version and now I have Two versions of PowerBI on my pC
    i. A 32 and a 64 bit
    ii. If you create something in this version (Store 64 ), you get a warning that not all the query’s will work from a previous version !!

    2. I Think Microsoft has to change this procedure and , do the installation form one location
    3. So that all the versions automatically get an auto update without re installing the whole thing

    I have all the printscreens in Dutch of you are interested.

    seenu mohan

    (September 15, 2019 - 12:32 am)

    Hi there.. why we are unable to see buttons option under the home tab.. could you please help me out.

    Noora noor

    (September 15, 2019 - 12:32 am)

    Thank you .. How can I update the Power Bi software when updates come to the program ???

    Guy in a Cube

    (September 15, 2019 - 12:32 am)

    The first item you saw in the store was actually the Power BI Mobile App for Windows 🙂 I'll pass on the feedback that they look the same when you search for Power BI. Can be confusing.

    Jorge Mena

    (September 15, 2019 - 12:32 am)

    Hi Ruth, thanks for the video. Also realized that the credentials that you connected to the previous install are gone too. Ruth do you know if there is a non manual way to do it?

    Emin Uzun

    (September 15, 2019 - 12:32 am)

    What if store is blocked 🙂


    (September 15, 2019 - 12:32 am)

    Thanks for the automatic fun : )

    Charles Adams

    (September 15, 2019 - 12:32 am)


    Henrik Bentzen

    (September 15, 2019 - 12:32 am)

    Hi Ruth, how you control that it installs the 64bit vs 32 bit and the language that you like (for me English and not Norwegian)

    RRR program

    (September 15, 2019 - 12:32 am)

    Thanks ruth.. i was thinking to find a way to automatic update…and you save my time … thanks

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