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Android 4.0 New Features |

One of the newest features in Android 4.0 is the Calendaring API. In this video excerpt from Jim Wilson’s new course Android 4.0 New Features you’ll see how to use the new API to show the calendar with specific settings as well as how to use the URI.Builder class to format Uris for use with Android Intents. In the full course Jim covers other interesting topics such as WiFi Direct, Near Field Communications, the ActionBar, and UI Fragments.

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1 thought on “Uribuilder & Calendaring APIs from Android 4.0 | Pluralsight

    Komanti Jose Talamantes

    (December 6, 2018 - 6:30 pm)

    Great vid thanks, I understand the API a little more now.
    1 question tho, I want to show the next event from a certain calendar, preferably to be show at all times (change for the hello world string for example) or with the click of a button, can you help me on what I need to do?
    Thanks =)

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