Window 10 Mail App – Shared Calendars with Outlook or GMail

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Normally to share appointments with friends or family members, you have to go into the detail page and individually add them to that appointment. And if you do that on a regular basis, you have to do it each time.

Here’s a way to use the Windows 10 Mail App with both Outlook and Gmail to setup shared calendars with any one or group of people. Then it’s just a matter of selecting the calendar right from the appointment dropdown list.


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1 thought on “Window 10 Mail App – Shared Calendars with Outlook or GMail

    Ewerton Calixto

    (May 15, 2019 - 5:38 pm)

    Hi. Nice video. I have a doubt though. My wife has a shared gmail account and I can properly see her calendar in my windows 10 calendar app list. No problem about that. However, my boss also has a Gmail account, but in his case it is an enterprise Gmail account. The problem is that I just can't see his shared calendar in my list. Do you have any clue about this issue? Thanks.

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